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These sport rules are modified from International Paralympic Committee competition rules & Move United Jr. Nationals event rules to suit the population & goals of Texas Regional Games.


Due to having a set number of targets, we will ONLY be able to accommodate approximately 80 archers.  We will be closing archery registration when we hit the max archers. Athletes will be accepted on a first come – first serve basis.


Competition Round:  The 2023 Texas Regional Games Archery Competition will be a USA Archery Sanctioned competition for the competitive distance of 50M/70M (sanctioned through USA Archery) and it is a designated event for shooting the Para MQS U.S. Military standards.  To compete at a Sanctioned event all competitive Archers must be a member of USA Archery.  If you want your scores to count and you are shooting the competitive distance and are classifiable then yes you need to be a member of USA Archery. Proof of USA Archery membership will be required to shoot. You can join USA Archery with a full or temporary membership at


Juniors and Novice Rounds: TRG will also offer competition for novice athletes at 20-meter distance for both compound and recurve.  Additionally, we will have the qualifying distances per age and class to qualify for Move United Junior National Championships. Please check the schedule for which round your athlete is competing.  We will try to put our young Juniors in the PM round, however, so of the older Junior shooters may be placed in the AM Round. 


Texas Regional Games Competition Staff: 

Jeremy Velez - Director of Shooting - Judge

Steve Arnold - Competition Judge


Texas Regional Games Archery Competition Schedule

Competition Location: STARR Soccer Complex, 5103 David Edwards Dr. San Antonio, TX 78233


Thursday, May 4th @ Morgan’s Wonderland – 5223 David Edwards Dr., San Antonio

5:00-9:00 pm Archery athletes must come through Games check-in/packet pickup


Friday, May 5th @ STAR Soccer Complex

7:30 AM-8:30 AM Archery Open Range (Round 1 Athletes Only)

8:45 AM-11:30 AM Archery Competition – Round 1

12:00 PM- 1 PM Archery Open Range (Round 2 Athletes Only)

1:15 PM- 4 PM Archery Competition – Round 2

4:15 PM Archery Awards


Note: Archery Awards will be given out after the event and all score cards have been turned in. 



  • We will offer advanced and intermediate/novice level competition as well as Jr National level (youth division) competition.

  • The competition is open to all abilities

  • There will be an Intermediate/Novice Compound and Recurve category for Able Body athletes with PTSD and TBI who have no physical classifiable impairment

  • Physical disability classes will be separated by: W1, Open Compound and Open Recurve

  • We will place athletes into the appropriate divisions during the Games check-in/packet pickup (not an official classification)

  • Athletes will be awarded by classification divisions 

  • Male and Female are combined and will compete together



  • Open Compound Bow (Para) – Advanced and Intermediate/Novice

  • Compound Bow-W1 (Para)– Advanced and Novice

  • Compound Bow Able Body –Intermediate/Novice Only

  • Open Recurve Bow (Para)- Advanced and Intermediate/Novice

  • Recurve Bow Able Body –Intermediate/Novice Only


NOTE: Each athlete is only allowed to enter one Archery event 



  • Able Body: An athlete with no mobility impairment that would keep them from competing as a traditional standup archer, not a Paralympic classifiable athlete.

  • W1: Individuals who have both an upper body and a lower body limitation. They use a wheelchair for mobility and have some sort of function loss in their hands and/or arms. W1 archers shoot compound bows, but they cannot have peep sights or magnifying sights. There is a maximum weight of 45 pounds for men; 35 pounds for women.

  • Open Recurve: Individuals who have either an upper body or lower body limitation and choose to shoot a recurve bow.

  • Open Compound: Individuals who have either an upper body or lower body limitation and choose to shoot a compound bow.

  • Visually Impaired: Individuals that have impairment in their vision.

  • W2: Individuals who use a wheelchair for mobility and choose to shoot a recurve bow.



  • Competitive compound shooters (FITA Round) will shoot at 50 meters on an individual 80 cm target; competitive recurve shooters will shoot at 70 meters on a 122 cm target. To get official FITA Round scores, you must be a member of USA Archery (see above). 

  • Intermediate/Novice shooters will all shoot at 20 meters. Recurve shooters will use an 80cm full face target; compound shooters will use a 80cm 5 ring face target. 

  • Jr National (youth division) will shoot 20 meters, 30 meters or 50 meters on an 80 cm target depending on age. Note: For youth athletes wanting to qualify for Move United Junior National Championships, you must select Jr National distances at time of online registration. 

  • The non-Para divisions (Able Body division) will be male and female combined and will only have the intermediate/novice distance offered. 

  • There will be 12 ends of six (6) arrows each for a total of 72 arrows. Four minutes will be allowed for each end. 

  • There will be FOUR archers per Target and assigned an A, B, C, D shooting position.

  • A, B archers will shoot first with the four minute time limit, C,D archers will then be called to the line and have four minutes to shoot.

  • Medals will be given in order of total points and classification divisions.

  • Athletes in the advanced division must have their own equipment (bow/arrows) to compete.  

  • Athletes in the intermediate/novice division are highly encouraged to bring their own equipment, as we cannot guarantee you a bow that fits perfectly or has the correct bow strength.  Yes, we have a few bows and arrows available on a first come first serve basis. 

  • Athletes that are classifiable for Para-Archery may achieve MQS standards at this event, provided they have competed in the advanced competitions at 50M and 70M. 

  • Athletes competing in the non-Para Compound and Recurve category cannot be certified as meeting the Military standard as they are not classifiable. 

  • Appropriate sportsmanship is expected of all participants at the Texas Regional Games (competitors and staff). Violations, including but not limited to profanity and actions of disrespect by anyone, will result in loss of right to compete and removal from the Event. 



  • All athletes and coaches must present a professional, athletic appearance while on the field. Torn, ripped or faded clothing articles are not allowed. Clothing may be any color. 

  • No camo may be worn at target events. Accessories such as trim on shirts, caps, quivers, armguards, footwear, etc., are permitted to be camo. 

  • Shorts, skorts and skirts must not be shorter than fingertip length while standing normally.

  • Men and women are required to wear upper garments covering the front and back of the body and covering the midriff when at full draw. Women's upper garments shall have a minimum strap of 3" or sleeves. Men's upper garments shall have short or long sleeves.

  • Sport/athletic shoes are required for all athletes and coaches during target events. Shoes must cover the entire foot.

  • At no time will any athlete or coach wear any article bearing any image or language to be considered offensive to others.



  • All athletes are encouraged to bring their own equipment (advanced athletes are required to provide their own equipment). Minimum of 8 identical arrows are required for each bow and arrow set.

  • If you utilize a bar stool or similar type equipment for balance and support, please provide your preferred support system.

  • It is recommended to bring a bow stand.

  • Make sure you have extra equipment, in the event of a broken string or a lost arm guard, release, etc. 

  • If you utilize an adapted device to shoot, it is required that you provide that adapted equipment for yourself. 



  • Medals will be given to the top three athletes in each division, provided there are at least four athletes competing in that division. 

  • Male and Female athletes will compete together.

  • Medal ceremonies will be conducted at the Archery venue immediately after the completion of each division.

For additional information contact: Jeremy Velez at 

For Texas Regional Games event information, registration & to volunteer:

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