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Military Athlete Support

The 2024 Texas Regional Games (TRG) in partnership with The Hartford is pleased to announce our support
for military athletes. Event registration is 100% waived for military athletes. The registration form will
automatically give that discount when you select “Military Veteran Athlete” under participant type. If
something comes up and you are not going to be able to attend, please let us know ASAP as it effects the
success of the entire event.

We will also provide a stipend to the first 40 military athletes who apply for the Military stipend. To apply
for the Military stipend, you must live more than 100 miles from Morgan’s Wonderland, 5223 David
Edwards Drive, San Antonio, TX 78233. Please note, the application for the Military stipend is separate than
the event registration. 

There will be a max of 40 stipends awarded on a first come, first serve basis. If you are unable to attend the
games, please let us know, so we can offer another athlete your stipend.
Athletes who live 100-300 miles from Morgan’s Wonderland will receive $150.
Athletes who live greater than 301 miles from Morgan’s Wonderland will receive $250.
You must follow these steps to be eligible for the stipend:

1. As an athlete you will be required to fully register for the event via the event registration link online.
2. Your transportation and housing are your responsibility.
3. You will need to book your hotel room and arrange your own roommate if you want one.
4. If needed, the games committee will provide ground transportation to and from the venues, airport,
and host hotel once you arrive in San Antonio. Ground transportation will only be provided between
the host hotel, venues, and airport.
5. To get ground transportation, it is required that you mark that on the military stipend link and make
sure to communicate with the TRG staff with your flight arrival and departure information.


Communication with the TRPS transportation staff is required via email and cell phone.
The Texas Regional Games stipend will be provided at the games check-in on April 25 & 26.


1. When you arrive at check-in make sure to go by the table with the sign “Military Stipend.”.
2. You will need to present your military ID and confirm all your information.
3. Once you confirm all of your information, you will receive your stipend check.


Athletes who are Paralympic eligible (have a permanent disability) can apply for assistance under the
Challenged Athletes Foundation - Operation Rebound Grant.


Please contact them directly at



For questions please contact Jenn at

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