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Rowing Venue

Morgan’s Wonderland Sports Complex - Covered Pavilion

5025 David Edwards Dr

San Antonio, TX 78233


Check-in Required:  TRG Check-in and Packet Pickup

Morgan’s Wonderland Conference Center

Thursday (5-9pm) or Friday (11am-1:45pm) *Must be checked in before 12pm on Friday


Rowing Competition Schedule

Friday May 5, 2023


Warmup: 1:00-1:30PM - Rowing bays open for Warm up 

Competition begins: 1:40PM


Order of Events: 

​Distance Row: 500 Meter Row for Time

Timed Row: 1 Minute Row for Distance

  • All Competitions will have Heats based on Classification Groups

  • Yes, an athlete can participate in both Distance and Times event. 


ParaRower 3 (PR3)

  • This sport class is for rowers who have the use of their legs, trunk and arms, who can utilize the sliding seat and typically use the same equipment as rowers without disabilities. May include athletes with hearing, visual and physical impairment including PTS and TBI injury.


ParaRower 2 (PR2)

  • Athlete rows from a fixed seat as they must have an impairment such that only the upper body (trunk and arms) is used in the rowing stroke. A lap strap may be used to maintain balance. 


ParaRower 1 (PR1)

  • Athlete rows from a fixed seat as they must have an impairment such that only the arms and shoulders are used in the rowing stroke and a chest strap is required to maintain balance.


Event Registration:  



  • Please arrive at the Rowing Competition dressed in form fitting athletic style clothes. No Loose or baggy clothes will be permitted. Closed toed shoes are required.


Competition Check-in:

  • Athletes MUST check-in with event director by 1:30pm at Rowing Venue



  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Metals will be awarded to each division winner. There will be a small awards ceremony that takes place approximately 15 minutes after the last Heat finishes.


Event Director:

              Nolan Griffin


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